magicjack stop reduce echo how can do i to

How can I stop or reduce the echo on my calls?

Echo is caused by the audio that is coming out of the speaker/earpiece being picked up by the microphone/mouthpiece and being sent back to the other party. On VoIP calls there is a slight time delay added to calls by voice packet decoding/encoding that makes this echo much more noticeable.

If the party you are calling hears echo, do the following:

1. Adjust the speaker setting to the lowest possible setting that you can reasonably hear the other party. After doing that adjust the microphone setting to the lowest possible setting where the other party can hear you.

2. If the latter step does not resolve the problem, try using a better quality phone, cord and cable. On lower quality phones, cords and cables, the wire shielding can be inadequate and this can also cause the audio to be passed between the wires themselves directly resulting in echo.

If you hear echo from the party you are speaking to, the same steps above apply but to them in this case.