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How can I use Skype to place / receive calls?

First you will need to sign up for a Skype account at

Although Skype to Skype user calls are free, if you are planning to use it to place calls to regular phones, you will also need a minimal amount of prepaid calling credit. With Skype, a little bit of prepaid calling credit typically goes a long way.

Once you have your Skype account setup you will need to download and install the Skype dialer at .

You must also install the Skyjack Plugin for magicJack at . Once you have the Skyjack Plugin installed, here are the instructions for placing and receiving Skype calls:

1. Dial * followed by the number you wish to call. For magicJack calls, dial as normal.

2. To call other Skype users, dial the Speed Dial number *1 to *50 you have associated with their Skype name in the built in Speed Dial table.

3. For incoming calls, just answer your phone when it rings.